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What Are The Benefits Of Calcium Intake? Health Articles | March 9 air max 2019 soldes , 2016

Calcivon tablets provide the benefits of calcium intake that relieves the person from any kind of muscle or joint related troubles by making the bones and teeth stronger. These supplements do not cause any kind of side effects.

What are benefits of calcium?

1. Bone strengthening: Calcium strengthens the bones and gives proper shape to the body. It also minimizes the joint pains, hence prevents several skeletal complaints that becomes a big obstacle to freedom of body movement, such as arthritis (joint pain, swells, inflammation) air max 98 soldes , osteoporosis (bone erosion), etc.

2. Maintains health of teeth and gums: Calcium helps in maintaining the jaw bone strong that provides tight fitted teeth where any kind of bacterial infection don't occur. The calcium intake should be high among children of young ages so that their teeth grow up naturally strong.

3. Protects cardiac (heart) muscles: Calcium maintains the health of heart muscles by helping the cardiac muscles to contract and relax in a proper manner. It also maintains the proper pressure in the arteries via nervous system. If the calcium decreases significantly then a hormone known as calcitrol is released. This leads to imbalance between the contraction and relaxation of muscles of the arteries; therefore the blood pressure is elevated. This imbalance leads to extreme low or high pressure on heart.

4. Prevents obesity: Scarcity of calcium in the diet releases a hormone called parathyroid that stimulates the bones to discharge calcium into the bloodstream. On the other hand, it also stimulates the fat production and prohibits its breaking down, that gradually contributes to obesity. This can be prevented by taking the right amount of calcium, but not too much.

5. Prevents from kidney stone formation: Kidney stones are crystalline deposits of calcium oxalate and other compounds in the urinary tract. Oxalate stones are the most common kidney stones. Previously air max deluxe soldes , there was a misconception that high amounts of calcium intake develops kidney stones, but at present it is proven that calcium intake actually decreases the dangers of kidney stones significantly. In brief, calcium, if taken in necessary quantity does not develop kidney stones, but excess of it does.

6. Prevents pre-menstrual anxiety and depression: Insufficient amount of calcium might stimulate the release of negative hormones such as mood swings air max plus soldes , irritability and depression.

7. Maintains the pH level of body: Unhealthy junk foods rich in sugars and all the other preserved food items increases

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