ood and education to destitute children without any

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of us have been showered with so many blessings by the almighty Authentic Shin-Soo Choo Jersey , but we usually miss to take notice of the fact that there are many who are not as privileged as us. Not all of us would muster the courage to tread a path not frequented by many. But there are some people, who, against all odds, dare to walk down uncharted lanes. Alice Thomas is one such lady and here's a brief background of how she's made a difference to many a lives.

Employed in a school in Nainital, Uttar Pradesh,India Authentic Will Middlebrooks Jersey , Alice Thomas had to return to her native in Kerala to treat her husband who lost his mental balance after a serious car accident. Adept at arts, she took up an assignment of teaching craft to inmates at the Central Jail in Trivandrum to support her family. Her kids, Sumesh and Neethi, were 3 and 1 respectively, when tragedy struck this family. She toiled and squeezed out even her last penny, but in vain as her husband couldn't be saved.

Area Of Work
Her exposure to the life of women convicts in the jail Authentic Carlos Gomez Jersey , and their children made her see the other side of life. Amidst adversity, Alice Thomas came forward to help the distressed. Five years back, when one of the inmates handed over her 2 year old kid to Alice, her compassionate heart couldn't say no. With practically nothing, but a caring and loving heart, she accepted the kid (Anup) and brought him up along with her own kids. This was the beginning of Divine Children's Home (DCH) Authentic Joey Gallo Jersey , a warm and loving sanctuary for destitute children at Trivandrum.

Alice Thomas? Contribution To The Society
At present, Alice Thomas has spread her wings of love to around 30 kids housed at DCH. With a mission to respect and value the dignity of human life, DCH provides shelter, food and education to destitute children without any discrimination whatsoever. The children, neglected by all and sundry, consider themselves to be a part of an extended family.

Many of the kids? parents are serving long time in the Central Jail. These kids Authentic Mike Napoli Jersey , whom the society forces into the path of ignominy, and then treats as outcasts, are adopted by DCH and raised in homely atmosphere to grow up as responsible citizens of the society. Children, who could have become a bane to the society without proper upbringing and emotional support, have been given a new direction in life by Alice Thomas. What she has done for destitute kids is not something confined to them alone; it encompasses the whole society we all are part of!!!

Ms. Alice Thomas,
Divine Childrens Home Authentic Delino DeShields Jersey ,
Email: dch_tvm@

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