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Stickers for the Wall - This Means War! Home Repair Articles | February 3 Jesse Lingard Manchester United Jersey , 2012
My so called friend has trumped me once again. If the copying is unbearable then the fact that she ends up with better results makes me want to scream. We?ve been playing a corrosive game of one-upmanship using interior design as an instrument of war.?

And what have we been using as ammunition? ?Stickers for the wall? she calls them, why can?t she just say wall stickers? That alone makes me grind my teeth.

Another thing that makes steam come out of my ears is the fact that I found them first! I was trawling the internet, as you do, looking for some way of brightening up the stairs when I came upon a company doing these wonder products. They seemed just the thing and I immediately sent off for a wall sticker of some dandelion down to float up the stairs. It looked brilliant and my friend was gratifyingly jealous. I then put an open window sticker at the end of the landing and thought I was the cutting edge personified. Marvellous!

Imagine my horror when next I visited my friend to borrow some sage only to discover plastered across her sitting room wall a flipping great charcoal grey Zebra. Sounds stupid? You?d think so wouldn?t you Henrikh Mkhitaryan Manchester United Jersey , but it isn?t, it looks brilliant. I could spit. Obviously I had to also endure her infuriating blasé manner along with her triumphant interior designing and stalked off home to plot my next move.

I thought I had her when I applied my next wall sticker. ?If she?s going animals then I?m going animals? I said out loud to no one and to that end I ordered a bright pink stags head and stuck it over my sitting room fireplace. Fantastic. My friend complimented me on my daring and style and I think she even meant it. The stag gazed impassively down on us and our deteriorating friendship and I hoped that would be an end to it.

But no, and this is where we came in because my so-called friend has taken wall stickers and run with them and in so doing has created a veritable Eden inside her home. From the front door back and all the way to the top of the stairs is an unbroken pale grey forest of trees with contrasting pink and turquoise birds some big, some small Eric Bailly Manchester United Jersey , creating an illusion of depth and perspective that truly makes your head spin. It is possibly the most fantastic

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