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iOS 6 Features that Appeal to Developers Technology Articles | April 9 jordan shoes wholesale free shipping , 2013
iOS 6 was one of the most awaited versions of Apple?s operating system. The introduction of this updated OS platform version brought about several advantages and disadvantages for the developer and end user.

iOS 6 was one of the most awaited versions of Apple?s operating system. The introduction of this updated OS platform version brought about several advantages and disadvantages for the developer and end user. Some of the features are still being explored for designing unique high quality apps. Here we take a look at the most prominent features of iOS 6 which have appealed to software developers worldwide:

Auto layout ? Having relative layouts was never a feature that iOS mobile application developers enjoyed. The views in iOS apps were always fixed in place. This meant that developers building mobile applications for successful running in Apple devices could not support more than one orientation without creating separate view or different codes. With the auto layout feature of iOS 6, software designers can now place one view in relation with another view. A property called the layout manager helps figuring out the positioning of the app orientation in screens of different sizes. The backward compatibility mode has also been introduced in the auto layout feature because the screen size of iPhone 5, where iOS 6 was launched, is different from that of the previous Apple devices.

Sharing ability ? The new social framework feature of iOS 6 allows developers enjoy access to a simple user interface which is connected with the major social networking sites of Facebook authentic jordan shoes wholesale , Twitter, and Chinese Weibo. Therefore, software developers can now display actions undertaken by the target audience using manual tools such as the UIKit?s UIActivityViewController. The reason why this tool has been identified as an effective sharing medium is because of the fact that it instantly initializes activities of a user on the social media sites, including activities in Mail jordan shoes wholesale online , Message, Contact, Pasteboard, Print cheap jordan shoes wholesale , and Camera Roll. The data collected in this manner is then passed in the form of activity items while the software developer is still creating the UIActivityViewController.

Privacy of data ? This updated feature of iOS 6 is beneficial to not only the developer but also the user. Earlier, it was reported that several software developers who had access to the address books of the audience were exploiting the information here and uploading the same to public servers. In case of iOS 6, users have to give permission to the developer before heshe uses any personal data stored here; this type of information also includes those saved under the folders of Contacts, Reminders mens jordan shoes wholesale , Calendars, and Photo Library. Since it is upon the user to allow or deny access to his personal information, developers have to underline distinct reasons for using any such data of the user. One way this can be achieved is by providing accurate descriptions of the purpose of data usage to the target customer.

Reminders made easier ? There was not a lack of reminder apps under the iOS platform before the release of iOS 6. But the way this upgraded OS platform has made setting reminders easier is by syncing them with iCloud. The interfaces of iOS 6 also allow creation and access of reminders that are based on proximity of time or day.

The above are some of the new features of iOS 6 that appeals most strongly to software developers working with applications for Apple mobile devices. in fact, each new feature is relevant for creating a different category of iOS app.

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