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Looking at cowboy boots today Authentic Alessio Cerci Jersey , you might not recognize them for the revolutionary design feat that they really are. After all, cowboy boots aren’t just for ranch workers and rodeo riders anymore, they are seen just about everywhere. The runways of high fashion have been graced by cowboy boots more than once, and plenty of movie stars who have nothing to do with the west or it’s respective lifestyle can be seen sporting them. Western wear boots are sold in stores all over the country, and they are seen on the feet of people from all walks of life. It is very likely that western apparel has no more popular or well-known element Authentic Fernando Torres Jersey , than of cowboy boots. All that attention may have distracted from the more humble beginnings of cowboy boots, which came about after a rather ingenious young man commissioned a pair of boots that were better suited to the task at hand than any other footwear available. Reports vary, some say the boots were first made by a boot maker in Texas while others claim Kansas. Either way, it’s quite likely that in one of the rail towns, a pair of boots were commissioned that were what we would today call the first cowboy boots ever made.

The reason such boots were needed was that the cattle drives Authentic Antoine Griezmann Jersey , which meant bringing cattle up from grazing lands in southern Texas to rail towns in northern Texas and Kansas required riders to be on the trail for weeks at a time. There were many hazards on these trails, and life in the saddle wasn’t a gentle existence either. Footwear needed to be able to stand up to time in the saddle, protect the ankles in the stirrup, protecting from abrasions and snakebite, ford rivers and ensure safety when riding and dismounting. Cowboy boots were designed to be safe in the saddle Authentic Koke Jersey , out of the saddle, and even while being thrown from the saddle. The last one is why cowboy boots don’t lace up, but rather pull on- the design is such that if a rider’s boot were to get tangled, he would be able to pull his foot free and roll to safety. Being without one’s boot temporarily is much better than being dragged under or behind a panicked horse for any length of time! The thick leather shaft of the boot with it’s stitching on the outside protects the rider’s leg from irritation, abrasion Alessio Cerci Jersey , and puncture wounds. The pointed toe and the stacked heel allow for finesse in the stirrup, including ease of entry. Basically, all design aspects have a functional base.

Cowboy boots are common footwear to find in shoe stores across the country- as well as on the feet of all different types of people. Western apparel has nothing more popular than cowboy boots, and even people without any other western wear can have a great pair of cowboy boots- that works with their existing wardrobe. The Boot Store has cowboy boots that are still built to function- with each defining characteristic has a specific purpose, for example the pointed toe and stacked heel are for stability and safety in saddle Fernando Torres Jersey , while also making it easier to get feet in and out of the stirrups.

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